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Sustainable and Respectful Development
Worskhops and classes

The feeling of wellbeing that is transmitted by the harmonious environment of Sítio Folha d´Água facilitates the expansion of consciousness in relation to the circumstances we are experiencing today, and the training of persons who will promote healthier life choices. Every one does their part!

The underpinning of all activities is love for nature, joined with the strong wish to propagate and strengthen the caring attention of which our environment is so desperately in need at this time. Consequently, the main themes relate to sustainable development.

Once a month you will be able to listen, to learn from, or interact with the charismatic Bahian ´Socio-environmental Educommunicator´, Paulo Roberto Serra, on one of the following themes:

        • Environmental protection of an Environmentally Protected Area —EPA Rio Capivara
        • Mero in the Ecological Battle: Content of the Work/Experience of Author Paulo Serra
        • Water: Guess Who I Am! Performance with Musical Illustration
        • Earth: Get to Know our Ground; composting secrets; leaves that turn into compost
        • The Brazilian Rainforest
        • The Amazon: Get to know it before it disappears! (Video Clip – Musical Lecture/Illustration)
        • Deforestation and Burnings
        • Global Warming (Lecture with video presentation)
        • Solid Waste
        • Patterns of Production and Consumption / The Search for Sustainabilty
        • Criticism of Wastefulness in Brazil
        • History of Environmental Education and Agreement of NGOs about Environmental Education and Accessibility




Evelyn Veronica Hartoch offers classes, workshops and colloquia on natural resources, environmentally Protected Areas, green spaces and parks (its function, use and esthetics) and parks, open participatory spaces, programs for residential areas, environmental comfort and bioarchitecture.

And, last but not least, you will have the opportunity to plan and get “down to earth” with architect Maria R. Oliveira, learning and helping to build with natural materials (wood, “piaçava straw”, bamboo, clay, green roofs, etc).



In order to participate in the activities at Sítio Folha d’Água

it’s necessary to register beforehand.

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Environmentally Protected Area of the Capivara River, Coqueiros de Arembepe