Lodging & Retreats

Accommodation at the Sítio

Sítio Folha d´Água has two charming bungalows after the style of the indigenous “Oca” constructions, built with the traditional adobe technique and thatched roofs; a suite with private veranda; and a ¨redário¨ (room for hammocks), all in the midst of nature. All are very comfortable, with private bathrooms and modern facilities.

In the case of events lasting more than one day we can make these accommodations available, as well as offering the possibility of camping beneath leafy trees or recommending lodging in nearby guesthouses, with transportation.

The Sítio’s guest houses are situated in tranquil places. They are ideal for those who wish to de-stress from the urban daily rush, as well as for those who would like to have a productive retreat in nature, with functional modern facilities and excellent environmental comfort. Artists, writers, academics, Masters’ and Ph.D. candidates, and any other scholars wishing to spend a fruitful period of solitary activity will feel lovingly welcomed by the harmoniousness of the location.

It’s convenient to have a car at your disposal in order to get to know the beautiful beaches along the Estrada do Côco and various touristic spots in the region; or you can join the excursions offered.

Important observation for whomsoever wishes to stay at the Sítio: we have a gentle and playful group of dogs “of undefined breed” and dogs trained for therapy, who are a part of this natural paradise. At times they bark, at times they sing serenades, at times they love nothing more than an exchange of affectionate greetings. Thus, the guest must like dogs and be able to appreciate their possible company.

The sounds of nature are enchanting: the wind in the treetops, the birds, the various animals from the environmental preservation area, occasional cicada concerts or the sudden surprise of an owl singing at night.


Packages for accommodation and wellbeing, tours and excursions:

We offer a variety of packages for accommodation / participating in the Sítio’s activities / healing and individual sessions / tours or guided excursions to Salvador and the beaches along the Estrada do Côco. For further information please request information through the Contact form.


We will be pleased to send more detailed descriptions and rates for daily and extended stays, which vary depending on the season and length of stay. We can also provide information on forms of payment, how to get here, and transportation to and from the airport. Please request same through the Contact form.


Avoid “burnout”.

Come recharge your batteries, destress, and harmonize yourself at Sítio Folha d´Água!