Rental of the Space

Located in a closed condominium in the unique Environmental Preservation Area of the Capivara River at kilometer 23 of the Estrada do Côco, (28km away from Salvador international airport), near Arembepe, Bahia, Sítio Folha d´Água offers modern infrastructure within a peaceful and welcoming natural environment, perfect for those seeking balance and inner peace. We have many ancient trees, such as mango trees, sucupiras, mangaba, cashew and palm trees, and a variety of comfortable spots to settle in.

We rent the space to likeminded groups that have an affinity with our mission to provide activities that further holistic and environmental awareness (for seminars, lectures, colloquia, workshops, creative workshops, meditation, retreats, experiences and environmental education) as well as for stays geared towards creative and scientific production.

alugelNumber of participants: The space is ideal and completely comfortable for 40 people. In certain cases, we are perfectly well able to receive larger groups, but this needs to be carefully discussed and evaluated beforehand. It is possible to bring children, depending on the nature of the event, but this also must be communicated and assessed ahead of time. It is necessary that children be accompanied by their parents, educators, or other adults who assume responsibility for them.

Workshop area for activities: our “central star” for group activities is the handsome round thatched structure with a wooden floor that can comfortably accommodate between 30 and 40 people, depending on the nature of the work. The construction is modeled on the indigenous “Taba”, has an area of 90 square meters and is nestled into the natural surroundings, with a view of the Environmental Preservation Area. Actually, the kiosk gives the impression of having sprung up on that spot, all on its own!

Refreshment area for coffee breaks: Next to the thatched workshop area is a place for coffee breaks, snacks or lunches. It too is embedded into nature and has modern infrastructure. Healthy food during the day, coffee breaks, etc., can be arranged separately and/or supplied by a natural foods restaurant. Our refreshment area is the place of choice for delicious and lengthy conversations during the pauses in workshops.

Groups of benches: there are various groupings of benches under the trees in the Sítio, for activities in smaller groups, in addition to very peaceful corners for those who wish to remain solitary, for meditation or introspection.

Bonfire area: we have a specific place for making bonfires.

Swimming pool: we have a small (10,000 liter) pool, a pleasant attraction for break time, with a wooden structure for resting as well as a small play space with toys.

Reception: to greet workshop or seminar participants, the Sítio has an open-air reception area, an adorable space for guests to arrive and find out what’s happening.

Bathrooms and showers: a washroom and two unisex bathrooms, one of them with a shower, in addition to an outdoor shower next to the swimming pool.

Accommodation: in the case of events lasting more than a day, we can make available a few lodgings onsite or recommend pleasant guest houses nearby, with transportation. Our onsite accommodations are in tranquil settings. To learn more about accommodation at the sítio, please click here.

Cost of renting the space: it varies according to holidays, days of the week, number of participants, supplies and equipment needed. Please request a quote and information on forms of payment as well as other information through the Contact form.