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Mediation between cultures and guidance for excursions and trips

Every human being is endowed with intelligence, cognition and creativity, and is capable of establishing their own goals based on what they observe and learn. When it comes to different cultures, however, erroneous interpretations of the “other” culture’s ways of thinking and/or acting may arise, leading to possible misunderstandings or even arguments. Mediation between cultures is an attempt to clear up issues that are a priori unintelligible, or difficult to understand, transform them into objective data and dissolve existing conflicts. In this manner autonomy is restored to those who are trying to get to know and understand a given environment, attitudes and ways of organizing daily life that differ from their own.


All-day excursions in private van for up to 4 passengers, not including lunch:

  • THEMATIC TOUR: Urban planning — present day Salvador and its historic center
  • THEMATIC TOUR: Local History and Culture — visits to relevant sites
  • THEMATIC TOUR: Ecology and the Environment — issues in the city of Salvador
  • SALVADOR – Touristic Highlights
  • PRAIA DO FORTE and other beaches of the Litoral Norte (‘North Shore’)


Half-day tours, with guide, in private van for up to 5 passengers:

  • THEMATIC TOUR: History – historic center of Salvador
  • THEMATIC TOUR: History – visit to the ruins of the Dias d’Ávila castle
  • THEMATIC TOUR: Atlantic Forest – trails in the Sapiranga nature reserve
  • AREMBEPE and surroundings, Hippie Village, Projeto Tamar
  • PRAIA DO FORTE and/or other beaches of the Litoral Norte (‘North Shore’)


Study Trips:

In the following areas:

Architecture, urban planning, local culture, environmental issues and landscape architecture. You may request information through the Contact form.