Vision and Mission


We believe in the loving healing power of nature. Our dream is that more and more people become integrated to this powerful, unique love, for the good of all and of our planet. Our mission is to offer a harmonious natural environment beneficial for reconnecting the Human Being with his own self.

In 2015 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our healing space, and we are very grateful to have been able to offer a harmonious space for healing purposes and to work with so many wonderful people over the past decade.

Located in the Environmental Preservation area of the Capivara River, on the Estrada do Côco, near Arembepe, Bahia, Sítio Folha d´Água is a peaceful and welcoming natural environment, perfect for those seeking balance and inner peace. The feelings of extreme well-being and lightness caused by the environment are favorable for learning and healing processes.

In accordance with Sítio Folha d´Água’s mission we provide a variety of activities linked to the healing arts and environmental consciousness, with a view to enhancing human development and a caring attitude towards the planet, our home.

In addition to our own activities, we rent the space to likeminded groups (for seminars, lectures, colloquia, workshops, creative workshops, meditation, retreats, experiences and environmental education) as well as for stays geared towards creative and scientific production.


90 m2 thatched pavilion for group work.


General Coordinator

Evelyn Veronica Hartoch: Landscape architect with Ph.D. in Environmental Structures from FAUUSP, University of São Paulo and in Socio-Environmental Sciences from Kassel University, Germany; BA in Communications and Arts from ECAUSP, University of São Paulo; Consultant in colors and holistic therapist in chromotherapy and music.

Teamwork in specific areas:

Alfredo Ortiz: Traditional Chinese medicine, bodywork therapies, healing
Alisa Clements: Visual Arts, music, theater
Mariana Maria R. Oliveira: Bioarchitecture, bioconstruction
Paulo Roberto Serra: Environmental education, sustainable development

For children’s and young people’s classes and experiences:

We are partners with professionals in the areas of pedagogy, art education
and art therapy, storytelling, environmental education, nursing, architecture, and theater.

You may request information on costs, means of payment, localization or accommodation through the Contact form.